VADER Tokenomics

There is no rent seeking behaviour in the Vader Protocol tokenomics design. LPs are first-class citizens as all fees generated from the slip-based fees go directly to LPs. Through bond sales and Protocol-Owned Liquidity, Vader Protocol becomes a LP itself and goes towards earning its own fees from liquidity provisioning.

25,000,000,000 maxSupply

30% | 7,500,000,000

  • VETH fair launch holders with no further emissions after snapshot (1 : 10,000 VETH to VADER, 50% upfront 50% vested over 1 year)

50% | 12,500,000,000

  • VADER liquidity incentives (Community/Team Multi-Sig before transition to DAO)

10% | 2,500,000,000

  • Ecosystem Growth, fully unlocked for USDV and AMM adoption partnerships

10% | 2,500,000,000

  • Team Allocation with 2-year linear vesting

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