Key Features

  1. Stablecoin stabilized by burn-to-mint between VADER<>USDV

  2. Best Automated Market Maker for Liquidity Providers (“LPs”):

    • Continuous Liquidity Pools (“CLP”) maximizes fees generated for LPs via Slip-Based Fees

    • Impermanent Loss Protection (“ILP”) to protect long term LPs over 100 Days

    • Synth holders are single-sided LPs that face no Impermanent Loss (“IL”).

  3. Liquidity incentives to bootstrap demand for USDV and Protocol-Owned Liquidity (“POL”) via Bond Sales. This supports the backing and purchasing power of the stablecoin as more reserves are built up in the protocol treasury.

To simplify, Vader Protocol is a combination of the best core ideas in DeFi, namely the Stablecoin mechanism of Terra Money’s burn-to-mint LUNA/UST, the AMM of THORChain (CLP + ILP) and the Bond Sales mechanism of Olympus Pro (POL).

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